Everything nurses need to know

to safely administer medications.

oneMAR: Safer, faster medication administration.

oneMAR is an electronic medication administration record (eMAR) that replaces your paper MAR and ensures quality, accuracy and speed in medication pass for your healthcare facility. Using a laptop or mobile device with an internet connection and a bar-code scanner, nurses can track administration, medication changes and notes at a patient’s bedside.

Real-time sharing of medication and patient information encourages collaboration across care teams including pharmacy, a true partnership in patient care.

Medication Safety

Bar-code scanning at the point of care ensures the “7 rights” in medication administration: right resident, right drug, right dose, right time, right route, right reason and right documentation. Digital photos of each resident and images of their drugs ensure accurate administration. Warning messages prevent missed-dose, wrong-resident and other errors.

Scanning at the point of care highlights medications to administer and gives clear notification when medications are discontinued.


The combination of bar-coded adherence packaging and oneMAR can improve efficiencies by 2.6 times over manual MAR processes, reduce med-pass time by 52%, and eliminate monthly changeover costs.

Send electronic orders for prescriptions and supplies to the pharmacy. Track administered, discontinued, returned and wasted medications at the dose level, ensuring the availability of medications while simultaneously helping to decrease waste by up to 70%.

Access drug information, medication review tools and diagnostics that support best practices at your facility. Flow sheets for resident care flag non-drug physician orders and allow facility staff to record patient notes.

Extract information to report compliance with industry standards and to improve processes, resident care and outcomes. Pharmacy and facility staff have 24/7 data access for better collaboration and continuity of care.

Catalyst and Momentum Healthware join forces to give you a best-of-breed, fully integrated and cost-effective eMAR-clinical software solution: the safest eMAR and world class clinical software, together as one.

How It Works

Everything from pharmacy is bar-coded, from packaged oral solids to non-packaged items such as inhalers, liquids and creams. Bar-code scanning at the point of care gives you everything you need to know to safely administer medications, and helps you to efficiently and consistently achieve the 7 rights: right patient, drug, dose, time, route, reason, and documentation.

3 Minute Demo Video

STEP 1:<br>Barcode


Each multi-dose package has a unique barcode. Non-packaged items, i.e. inhalers, creams and liquids are also barcoded.

STEP 2:<br>Check + Deliver

Check + Deliver

Each item is checked and scanned out of inventory when leaving the pharmacy, then delivered to the facility.

STEP 3:<br>Scan at Point of Care

Scan at Point of Care

Scanning at the point of care verifies the 7 rights: resident, drug, dose, time, route, reason and documentation.

"In complement to oneMAR, we use Momentum Healthware for charting. The two systems feature a single sign-on."

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Seasoned Expert

When you choose oneMAR, a dedicated project manager works with you, your team and your pharmacy partner to ensure a successful implementation, comprehensive training and a smooth transition. A kick-off meeting establishes expectations, followed by a detailed project plan and regular meetings until you and your team are successfully using oneMAR.

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